SWF nightmare (and exporting in general). Need help.

Hi… I’m having a nightmare issue with SWF exporting. I’m exporting as an SWF but after it’s done outputting, I can’t open it in anything to convert it to an MPEG-4. Nothing will recognize it. It plays in my browser if I open it in there, but that’s it. I’ve even tried youconvertit.com and after I send it I get an email back saying it failed to convert.

Any idea what the issue is here? I’m using Animate. I do have a large bitmap file in it, but I troubleshooted by trying to use a file without a bitmap image and I still have the same problem. In fact, the reason I want to use SWF in this scenario is because for whatever reason when I output it that way it looks way way less pixelated than in the regular movie export version (plus it takes a couple hours to export it that way). For some reason both in the program and in the SWF I don’t get as bad of a pixelation on the enlarged bitmap image as I do on the regular export… and, on the one regular export I did, it got all jumpy at the end… I have no idea why, but it was two hours for an export that was unusable.

Anyway… help please! )

Have you downloaded, flash player?

If you have can you right click the swf file and try to open it in flash player?

You should also be able to just drag and drop the swf into your browser window, and it should play.

Here is the best free, greatest for free still swf converter.


It is called SWIVEL made by the people from newgrounds.com