SWF importing - layer problems


I created a walk cycle in Toon Boom Studio made up of two layers, and exported it as a swf to reuse in other scenes.

When I imported it into a new shot, the layers imported as well. But in the timeline, when put beneath other scene elements, one of the layers still shows up above the rest. It’s definately placed correctly underneath them in the timeline… but this is a big problem for the shot! It must have something to do with the swf import.

Is this a common swf import problem? Any way to fix it, or “flatten” the swf so that it’s all on one layer?

Or - is there a way to import tbpd files (like the walk cycle) directly into other projects? I’ve tried importing them, and the program seems to let you, but don’t see where they show up.

Hope that’s clear enough. Any thoughts would be great.


Please have a look here: ”Using Libraries in Toon Boom Studio”



Thanks- I’ll check that out!

You might also want to look here in the Cartooning in Toon Boom Wiki: Libraries

If you still have questions , please post them in this thread and we all will do our best to assist you. -JK

I’ve got another question related to libraries and templates.

Sometimes, when you’re animating an element, you create drawings you don’t want, & delete. After putting the element into the Global Library, and dragging that template into a new element in a new document, you get all of the drawings - including the ones you’ve deleted.

Is there an easy way to only get the items you have in your exposure sheet, in order, rather than all of the drawings created in that element?

(My workaround is to copy the drawings I want in the order I like, paste it into a new element, then create the template from that. But maybe there’s a better way.)

Hope that makes sense.
Any thoughts are appreciated.


Go to the library panel to the Animation catalog. This is where your current scene can be found. Go to the element which has the unwanted cells and select that element so that its cells show in the display pane on your right. Select a cell which you want to eliminate (one that is not being used in the exposure sheet) right click on that cell and select the “delete drawing” command form the context menu. That removes the drawing from the element permanently. You can also use this same selection process to rename your drawings (cells) if you want to reorder them for the cells panel to assist you in cell swapping ect. Once you have removed and or renamed cells as desired you can then create your template without having these unwanted cells included. -JK