swf import failure

Importing swf files works/fails depending on the name of the file.
For example, a file beginning with a number is not imported correctly.
File names that are only alphabetic do import correctly.
See a screen recording of the problem:


Excellent method of documenting the problem!

This is plain weird, though. It will be interesting to see if this is an easy fix.

I just did a test here and I watched your video. The problem is not that it starts with a number - I have no problem importing swf files that start with a number - the problem is there there is a point in the name. Your name is 8.Bobcat.swf I think. Try renaming it to 8-Bobcat.swf. I suspect that the problem arises because it can’t recognise the file extension properly, because it may see the file extension as .Bobcat.swf instead of just .swf.

Toon Boom Animation

Doh! I should have figured that out!

Thanks. Do you plan to fix this in the next release?

We will investigate this issue - I cannot say yet whether it would be fixed in the next release.

Toon Boom Support