.swf files play slow

All .swf files I export from Studio 3.5 play slow. For example, an 80 second animation takes about 110 seconds to play when exported as a .swf file. It takes 80 seconds in other formats, such as .mov. I’m creating the animation at 30 fps. I’m on a PC, 2.8 G processor, 2 GB RAM. Thanks.

it’s a strange thing. how big ist your file? do you use soundtrack? if yes, streamed or event? what is your export setting?

Hi Ajkarp,

An swf file will never be completely accurate for it is loaded as it plays. Therefore depending on what is running on your computer or your connection speed it might take longer to play.

This is the main reason why most of the animation you see on the web have a pre-loader. Since it is hard to be at speed having all your frames loaded before starting to play the animation will help to keep the thing synched with the original timing.

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