SWF export problems....

Sorry to re-post this from the other area I posted it in, but this area seems to have a lot more traffic:

Hi… I’m having a nightmare issue with SWF exporting. I’m exporting as an SWF but after it’s done outputting, I can’t open it in anything to convert it to an MPEG-4. Nothing will recognize it. It plays in my browser if I open it in there, but that’s it. I’ve even tried youconvertit.com and after I send it I get an email back saying it failed to convert.

Any idea what the issue is here? I’m using Animate. I do have a large bitmap file in it, but I troubleshooted by trying to use a file without a bitmap image and I still have the same problem. In fact, the reason I want to use SWF in this scenario is because for whatever reason when I output it that way it looks way way less pixelated than in the regular movie export version (plus it takes a couple hours to export it that way). For some reason both in the program and in the SWF I don’t get as bad of a pixelation on the enlarged bitmap image as I do on the regular export… and, on the one regular export I did, it got all jumpy at the end… I have no idea why, but it was two hours for an export that was unusable.

Anyway… help please! )

Hi, Beethoven,
In order to fix your issue, please send your issue to support@toonboom.com