swf Export - Bloated File Size

Hi guys,

I’m creating a TBS animation using a camera move that trucks back thru a few drawings that look like scenery. Then I’m exporting the swf into Flash. Problem is, after it’s imported into Flash, each drawing is now a new symbol, which makes the file size huge.

In test files I’ve made, a drawing will export as 1 symbol, resized (and reused) for any frames its in. Even if i’m applying a color transform to it. That’s great. But for some reason, the file I’m working on exports each drawing as a new symbol.

Any hints on what causes TBS to do this?


Hi guys,

Good news, I figured it out. A had a color transform on a drawing using “Flatten”. This caused all the drawings to become separate symbols when imported into Flash. I unchecked this and the file export is nice and small.

I’m SO happy to have figured this one out. Hopefully you will learn from my pain.