SWF export alpha discrepancies among browsers

When I import a PNG24 into an AnimatePro project and then publish to SWF the PNG’s alpha channel is all black, making it look like a black box (when viewing in Chrome Browser) I have tried all the different methods for importing with alpha (premultiplied white, premultiplied black, straight, and force color). Normally everything works fine, except when viewing the SWF in Chrome for Mac and PC. The PNG alpha goes black.

The SWF looks fine in Mac Safari, Mac Firefox, PC Explorer versions 7/8/+
The SWF has black boxes in Mac Chrome, PC Chrome, PC Firefox

Because of these problems, I then took the SWF published from Animate Pro and imported it into a Flash FLA. Then I published a new SWF from Flash and the transparency issue is resolved. However the Flash re-render messes up some fades, and has glitches here and there.

Is this a documented bug, or is there a workaround in Animate Pro? I’d rather not have to use Flash to re-render SWFs. Is anyone else able to recreate this?

I really am not sure what else to do. Please let me know if any of this is unclear, or needs more information

I think this is a good one to write in to support@toonboom.com about, because they might need to do a test using your PNG.