swf creation crashes

Hi all - when i do an individual (scene) i can export to swf. When I attempt to do two, it crashes. I can do an export to .mov in this fashion but not swf. Did not have this problem in other versions of TB. I have a crash dump i can send if that will help isolate the problem. Any other suggestions that might cause this problem would be appreciated. thanks, D

as a followup, i have discovered that if i take out the ‘Forces of nature effect’ I applied, the stream will create all the scenes into the single swf without crashing - in short, somehow either my mac cannot handle the coding for the effect or there is something in the effect that causes the application to fail ….

I’ve seen issues with export to SWF crashing as well (TBS 8.1). I wasn’t using forces of nature effects. This was for cartoon consisting of about 18 scenes that was > 5 minutes long.

Export to AVI on the same cartoon works fine though.