swf audio to TBS

hi All -

I have a swf file that I need just the audio off of so that I can redo the animation. I have after effects 6.5 that can read and play the audio perfectly… however, no matter how I export the audio out of after effects, it is blank … has anyone done this or knows the proper settings (I think I have tried them all, from quicktime movie to windows movie - no luck) or knows of a tool out there that can accomplish this for me? Any help will be greatly appreciated… thanks, D

Have you tried importing the SWF into TBS. Once you import it, you should have the audio in one of more sound elements. You can then take the desired sound element and create your new animation and discard the rest. -JK

Hi Jk -

Yes, that was the first thing I tried … I knew that TBS did not import sound from a swf inport, but I tried anyway … ended up with 46 drawing elements and no sound elements… I am running version 3.0, do you know if this has been changed in the latest upgrade? thanks, Dan

I don’t believe it is a TBS V3.0 vs V3.5 issue. It might be the published version of the SWF file that is blocking the sound import. TBS works well on imports of Flash 6 and below SWFs including sound but perhaps Flash 7 and above are not translated the same. If you can republish the SWF in an uncompressed version that might help. Of course if you don’t have access to the source files or Flash then that might not be possible. There are also Flash decompiler applications that can be used to extract sound files.
Gordon Decompiler

Both these products will convert SWFs into FLAs that can be republished at lower version settings or you can just extract the sound elements directly from the decompiler. -JK

Hi Guys …

I downloaded a number of decompilers with no luck … they all played the video and audio well but none of them extracted the sound … I did manage to get a FLA generated and took a look at it … seems like a lot of it was comprised of clips - maybe that was the problem, I don’t know … I did find a ripper that was able to extract the audio … problem was that it took each track and placed it into a separate file - in the end I got 76 unsequenced audio tracks, meaning all the tracks of character one was in say tracks 1-10, character two, 11-16, etc … I had to play each swf file, write down the conversations, then associate each segment with a numbered file … for instance, track 1 was from file 9, track 2 was from file 32, etc… real pain, but at least I have what I need…
Thanks for all your help and ideas… I really appreciate it … thanks, dan