SWF and Ilustrator impor disabled

Im having trouble importing a swf into my library… i´ve got the final release instaled.

I´ve read that the trial version doesnt allow this kind of import, I had it intalled before i bougth the final release.
Is it posible that this is causing the final relese to block the import???


Great program by the way! ;D

I assume that you have PLE version. If this is the case, it is normal that you can not import AI (or PDF) since it is not part of PLE version due to the purpose of the PLE (personal Learning Edition). Once you have full version of Animate, this will not be an issue anymore.

No thats not it. I´ve uninstalled PLE version, and the final version, downloaded it again from the products paga user my user, installed the final version again activated it, and again and the same problem, i still cannot import models , swf or illustrator files :frowning:

Same problem for me too.
No SWF or Illustrator import. The option is greyed out.

I’m using the full purchased version, not the PLE.

Hi guys
You don’t import to the library by the File > import menu. Look in the docs and it tells you there.
Go to the Library, roght click and choose right to modify so the padlock disappears. Then the import files choice should light up. SWF and AI files can now be imported. Happy days.

Great! Thanks, the Ai file is imported.
But there is another problem, the import does not behave as descirbed in the Guide.
First, the Color Recovery Dialogue Box doesn’t appear.
Then, the User Guide says: ‘The layers of your Illustrator file should now appear in the timeline as separate layers, with the
sub-layers collapsed into their corresponding parent layer’.
But as far as I can see, the layers don’t appear as separate layers at all.
I dragged the template folder from the library to the left side of the Timeline, buy only one layer is created (containing one layer of the drawing, in this case an arm).
The others are in the LIbrary Viewer, as drawings of the template.
I could, I guess, very slowly reconstruct the layers by adding, renaming and ‘playing’ the drawings in the library viewer, but that can’t be right.
Thank you.

It would be nice to see the .ai (or .pdf) file you are importing, but in general, the result varies defending on the original ai file you are importing. The version is important since after illustrate 10, they have enclosed their format from public that not all feature such as effects and joints can be delivered. And this gets more difficult in higher CS (CS4). Or it does not have multiple layers from original .ai file. You need to compare carefully from your original drawing always.

For the color recovery, it should pop up when you bring it in the scene (Time Line for example). If it does not happen, it is either you have disabled this feature from the preferences or you may have selected ‘do not ask again for this session’ from the first time when color recovery pops up. If this is the case, this color recovery option will not be shown until you completely close Animate and reopen it to reset.

OK, before I wrote to you I had already tried Illustrator CS4 and CS3, and both didn’t work. So I figured there was some prob.
Now I just tried older file versions, namely Illustrator 8 (just plain Illustrator, no CS suffix), and it works.
I get the layers nicely in place in the timeline. So, now this works! I’ll try to keep this version thing in mind.

Still, the Color Recovery Box did not come up. I don’t know if it ever did.
I looked into the Preferences, De-activated and re-activated the Preferences-General-Color Recovery checkboxes. And closed and reopened Animate. But the Color Recovery Dialogue still doesn’t come back.

thank you

For more information about illustrate, try also if you can export it as legacy version in CS. I am not sure for CS 3 and 4, but it was there in CS2.

For color recovery, it should only be shown when you bring the ai template from template library to the scene (Time Line for example). The reason it pops up since it needs to have a palette in the list to show the color. If this does not pop up, check if the palette for that template is already there in the palette list if the auto recovery option is disabled from the preferences>General tab (interactive colour recovery and colour recovery. If both options are checked from the template library, try importing template again in newly created scene.

Hi Juho
I think one of the problems could be Ai files that contain ‘Live Paint’ fills.
If I’m not wrong, Live Paint has been in Illustrator only for the last two or three versions.
I drew something and filled areas with Live Paint and they didn’t import well (in Animate they lost the black contour line).
If instead I paint contour and color on separate levels, it works well.
So the lesson is: no Live Paint fills! :slight_smile:

As for the Color Recovery, it still doesn’t pop up.
I found although the Illustrator_rec palette in the Tint Panel.
I’m getting there. :slight_smile:

thanks again.

Thank you for the tip about Live Paint fill, but I am not supprised that since any features or effects from basic will not be delivered (not even in old version of Illustrate)

For the palette, the Illustrator_rec is there that either you try importing from the fresh scene or delete Illustrator_rec palette from the list will do. However any colors used in previous Illustrator_rec will be lost. If this is case, it would be nice to have an option to specify the palettes recovered from template library or not overwrite the existing one by renaming it.