Swapping tools with hotkeys


Im new to ToonBoom software, so maybe this is a stupid question. :slight_smile:

When drawing in Animate 2 (and in general) I use hotkeys on my wacom to switch between tools. But often (not always) when I press the key it goes straight back to the previous tool unless I hold down the hotkey (when released it goes back to the previous one again). And the “Current tool” text turns red.

Guessing it has something to do with the temporary/permanent switch function. Where it seems like you have to press “ALT” aswell, eventhough I thought I overwrote that under “Brush Tool (General)” hotkey-setting so B would be enough.

Is it really necessary to press both B and ALT or am I missing something?


Indeed, built-in to the software is the Overrideable shortcuts for all the tool settings. All the major tools have a temporary shortcut (B) and the permanent switch (Alt+B). These are hard-coded in the software, and although you can change the shortcut to something else completely, changing it to just B may not work since it’s already assigned in the software.

I have had this feedback before and forwarded it to the team to see if there’s anything that can be done for future versions.