Swapping out deforms issue

Hi there,

I’m trying to create a deformation leg rig to allow me to plant the foot on the ground. I’ve been following along with the following tutorials:


I have created my top down bone rig then duplicated the leg drawing ready to create the bottom up rig… but the first rig doesn’t disappear like it shows in the video. I tried to find the “Create posed transformer in create Deformation Above/Under” option in the Deformation preferences (shown at 5:03 on pt 2 of the tutorial) but I can’t seem to find it.

I did notice though that the video is an Animate pro tutorial. Is the method different in Harmony 12?!

Any advice would be much appreciated.
Many thanks in advance

Thank you for explaining that and I acknowledge the element of subjectivity.

I am looking forward to trying all of the things that were not present in Animate Pro 3.

The next step is to build a Hackintosh that can handle Harmony 12 Premium and if I cannot get that off the ground I’ll settle for running Windows.

Harmony 12 uses a completely different deformation system. It doesn’t create a new deformation chain for every new drawing. This means when you create or duplicate a drawing it will be affected by the same deformation chain, which, in my opinion, is a very good improvement.

What you can do, instead, is to create two chains, for instance, in a leg. The first chain goes from up to down while the second goes from down to up.

Both chains will be automatically connected to a “Deformation-Composite”
In that composite you must activate the option “output selected port only”
Below that option, there is another option “output kinematic chain”, there you must choose “select”

This allows you to select any chain you have attached to that composite while turning the other chains off. What is better, there is a parameter you can animate in the timeline which is the chain being used. So, while the leg is moving you select the chain number 1 and when the foot is on the ground, select chain number 2.

I could have illustrated this with some snapshots but the page doesn’t allow me to upload them :frowning:

That’s great thanks very much. I just wanted to check the best way to select the different chains. At the moment I am creating a keyframe in the “Output Kinematic Chain Selection” parameter then opening it’s layer properties and changing the value to correspond with my desired chain.
Is that the best way to do it or is there a quicker way?
Many thanks once again

Can you expand upon why you feel this is better regarding the duplicated drawing? I would expect this if copying but duplicating has had an essence of fresh independence to it previously.

Also, if you have time and interest you could start a separate thread and provide a link here. Being the OP/thread starter you would have the ability to add images.

Thanks for any of this you may respond to.

I’m afraid that’s the only way to do it.

The good news is that you can see that parameter in the timeline if you expand the deformation composite in the timeline. Not only you will be able to easily add and remove keys but you will also see where those keys are.

A good way to work with rigs, in general, is to use tags. You can tag the elements of your characters you want to animate and tag also the deformation composite. Then, change the timeline view to show only the tagged elements and you will tidy up your timeline.

I hope this helps.

Ampy, maybe it’s just a matter of personal preference but I think the new deformers are much cleaner and easier to manage. The concept is a lot simpler: a bone connects to another bone, then to another (…and so on) and then to a drawing layer That’s it…it’s like connecting a peg to another peg, etc. When you look at the structure in the node view (the former network) everything is much clearer and easy to understand. And I don’t know what is the coding behind all that but I’m sure this new way has to be a lot faster in terms of performance.

But I insist…maybe it’s just personal preference and it doesn’t have to be better for everyone.

As soon as I can I will start a new thread trying to explain my approach to deformers and I promise I’ll add some screenshots.

Thanks for confirming the workflow, just thought I would check just in case.
That was a great tip on using tags too, it really streamlines the timeline.
You may have guessed I’m a little new to Harmony :wink:
Take care

Can you load a character into Harmony 12 that was built using the old swapping out deformers on duplicated drawings?

I’ve tagged my deformation composite but I notice that the ‘Output Kinematic Chain Selection’ property doesn’t get an asterisk to indicate it’s tagged. And then when I go to show only the tagged layers, my Deformation Composite doesn’t stay in the timeline. What am I doing wrong?

Hey Everyone, I’m just starting with Harmony 12, and just noticed the different functioning of deformers with drawing swaps.

I tried to follow what archiviloria was saying about activating the option “output selected port only” in the “Deformation-Composite”, but I can’t find any “Deformation-Composite”…

The entire bone structure is different now, and I’m still trying to figure it out. Might anyone be able to explain how I create a new deformation (foot anchored on the ground, specifically) that I can switch to?

Thank you!

EDIT: Oh, I think I got it. There’s a “creates new deformation chain” button in the deformation toolbar. That was easy enough once I noticed it.

That Deformation Composite node archiviloria is talking about doesn’t get created in 12.1 and the Transformation Switch node that does is useless because there don’t seem to be any keyable attributes on it. But you stumbled upon the correct method. You need to do it with drawing substitution, and each drawing can have its unique deformation chain via the button you found. As far as I can tell, you still need to manually hookup the poses when you swap drawings/chains.

This thread has been abandoned, but someone responded to this same question I asked over here:

You are describing a Harmony 12 workflow, but when I do what you describe above, a Transformation Switch node is automatically generated instead of a Deformation Composite. Am I doing something wrong, or have things changed in 12.1?