Swapping Frames In Layers

So I have never done animation before in my life (I’m crud at drawing) but I need to do it for my website. How can I swap the frames around in Harmony? Every time I add a frame to an existing layer, the first frame gets pushed down one. I.E

Frame 1

Frame 1 + Frame 2 = Frame 2, Frame 1

Frame 3 + Frame 2 = Frame 3, Frame 2, Frame 1


How can I make it so I can have this:

Fame 1

Frame 1 + Frame 2 = Frame 1, Frame 2

Frame 3 + Frame 2 = Frame 1, Frame 2, Frame 3


Thank you. I read the manual but it doesn’t say that in there ( think).

Can you take a screen shot? By frame do you mean animation keyframe or drawing substitution?

By frames I mean adding them to an existing layer. I’ll show you via photos of what I am doing.


oh, gotchya.
You can select all the drawing you want and it will automatically import the image as a sequence :).

Or, if they are backwards 4,3, 2, 1
you can copy the frames, paste special and select “paste reverse” in the drop down box in the options section.

See, i tried that last night (and a few days prior) but it still messed up. Where’s the option section?

It might be importing weird if you have them named weirdly. if they’re named image_01, image_02, etc , they should import in the right order.
edit > paste special
or hit Ctrl + B instead of Ctrl + V

you can find the help documents here:

I’ll read the documentation. But what version are you using? I have the trial version and I tried ctrl + B hotkey but it won’t work.

Found it. It’s blocked out.