Swapping elements vs individual arm parts

Can anyone share input/experience on the pros and cons of creating seperate drawing elements for an entire arm (e.g. bent arm, straight arm) vs shoulder and forearm.

When drawing forearm and shoulders as seperate elements I have had trouble with maintaining smooth lines at the elbow while rotating the forearm. It’s a tricky process which I have yet to master. Before redrawing my entire character I wanted to hear feedback.

Additionally is there a way to convert symbols back to regular drawings/series of elements?



For Rigging characters you should should check out Cartoons Smarts Character design package tutorials for Animate. It covers how to apply a technique using patches, but also covers how to rig a character from sketch to symbols. Great tutorial if you are new to Animate.

For converting Symbols back to drawings you need to select the frame containing the symbol you want to ‘expand’ then go to file expand symbol or Shift + F8. My partner in crime made this quicktip video on how to do just that in case you have trouble … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEAiCLm2auU

Animate will create a new layer with all the drawings on a new separate layer below the original one.

Hope that helps!

Basically, divide the character parts and recompose with pivots in circular unions is a good way to encourage a fast, but without any doubt, different in flexibility to the traditional way of drawing the part as a whole in their different positions. Is usefull to combine the techniques by swapping with different drawings cells included in the same drawing element, and thus, and use complete parts when the pose is complex to use simple parts. This is known as mixed technique and is able to resolve certain poses with more expresive result.
Animate has highly developed tools for creating and animating puppets, but allows the same so as to encourage traditional or create a hybrid mode, which is always defined by the aesthetic taken, and the time available to do the animation. The second question, as AlexF said: expand symbol or shift + F8.


I actually think I get what your saying.

You can’t use the same arm rig for your arm down as well as raised sometimes.

In that case I would have a seperate one for each position.

You should be able to get smooth joints if your careful. However sometimes you might need to draw an arm for something your rig can’t do.