Swapping Drawing vs new drawing layer and new pegs?


I’m working on a character animation for a project where the client has very specific pose designs we need to hit. As such, we can’t always get away with rotating/moving the current drawings and we need to replace a drawing with a new pose.

I’d like to use the Drawing Substitution feature, and I’ve watched enough videos to understand how it works. However, what I’ve found is that when I swap out a drawing, while the new drawing appears, the specific pivot point on the parent peg is no longer relevant. That pegs pivot point was perfect for the first drawing, but for the new drawing, that pivot point is no longer in a good place. And as we all know, you can’t adjust a peg’s pivot point.

So my question is, is there a better solution than creating a new drawing layer, with a new peg, at the moment that I need to swap to the new drawing?

I’m hoping there’s a better solution because recreating a whole peg hierarchy for each new drawing is going to take a lot more time than I expected, but I’m afraid this might have to be the way to do it, because a peg arrangement for “pose 1” doesn’t fit what I’d need for “pose 2”.

(in my current situation, it’s an arm position, so I have an upper arm, lower arm, and hand. I need drawing swaps for each element, and hoping I don’t also have to create new pegs for each element and position new pivot points for each, as if setting up the rig for the first time).

Hope that all makes sense, and thanks for any suggestions!

Thanks for the clarification! Under the pressure of our delivery deadline I had to find a different approach and just didn’t bother with drawing swaps but instead created new drawings, new pegs, new groups - and the whole network got REALLY messy. So I’m glad to have this information for future reference! Thanks again.

I’m assuming your drawings have the option ‘Apply Embedded Pivot on Parent Peg’ selected.

When you create a new drawing the pivot point is at the centre of the screen. So what you should do instead of creating a new empty drawing is DUPLICATE the existing drawing, then change it or simply delete it and draw from scratch.

If you already have several drawings with different pivot points on the same element layer and under the same peg and want them to have the same pivot you can copy the drawing with the ‘good’ pivot point, then select all the other drawings on the timeline (let’s say you copy drawing 1, then you select drawings 2 to 10) and then do a PASTE SPECIAL. A box will appear and under ‘drawing’ select UPDATE DRAWING PIVOT.