Swap the ALT key shortcut

Hi guys,

Would you know if there is a way that I could swap in toon boom harmony the ALT key shortcut on all the shortcuts that require to use the ALT key to another key on my keyboard? Unfortunately, the ALT key on the laptop stop working, so I can’t barely use the ALT key as a shortcut any longer.

I don’t see either how I could swap the ALT + UP or DOWN when animating to change the drawing up or down in the keyboard shortcut window, I haven’t found it. I don’t know if, the shortcut can be change or not, is there another way to move the drawing up or down when animating using a shortcut, instead of dragging the layer up or down manually.


You have to consider potential conflicts and research which if any shortcuts use the keys you want to utilize. Depending on the context, likely alternative keys are already assigned functions. If you could choose any letter of the alphabet to replace the ALT key something like this would be fairly simple.

You might look for an app for an iPad or Android tablet or even cell phone whose objective is creating a custom key/button GUI. You design the layout and assign the functions. Instead of using keyboard shortcuts you push a virtual button. One such app is “Keypad” (Mac user here).