Swap Symbol Type of Deal

Ok, So I just started a project, it’s mainly cut-out animation, so I made all of my cut out figures and scenery. Now it is time for the lip-syncing. I decided I would do the lip-syncing in a new file and save the templates in the global section. It all worked out fine until I put it back into the main project. Then I couldn’t figure out how to move it around on the timeline and I couldn’t figure out how to replace the old head for the new one on the cut out character. I want to basically Swap Symbol in Flash terms, I’m not sure if, or how you could do that in TBS.


I’m making a few assumptions based on what you wrote. You have a character with its elements in a hierarchy rigged to be used for cut out animation. You also have the head elements of that same character in a separate template with lip syncing added. I’ll also assume that you saved the original cut out character to a template previously.

You now want to use the original cut out character which is displayed as a series of element tracks in the timeline but you want to use the lip synced head template instead of the head elements in your original cut out character.

There are a couple of approaches. Either will work. You can go to the head elements of your original character and set all the timeline exposed cells for each of the related head elements to blank cells using the cell panel to change them. This leaves the original head available for later use if desired. If you don’t want or need the original head for later in this scene then you could just delete the head element tracks from the time line. The original template is not effected in your library. Then you can drag you new head elements to the time line and move them into the proper place in the character’s hierarchy. Again modifying all or part of the tracks of a copy created from a template has no effect on the copy of the template in your library. Toon Boom templates are just as their name implies they are templates that are copied when drug to the timeline, editing them once in the timeline does not effect the source template. To change the source template you must edit it inside the library copy. I hope this helps-JK

I think I understand what you are saying, I’m not sure however, that it work entirely for what I’m doing, because I broke up the characters speeches into around 8 different templates. Anyways, I will try this but in the time being if anyone has suggestion, I’m open.