SVG export


as mentioned in the support area it would be a huge step forward to support SVG.
This is one of the mostly used vector formats and the only way to get there is to export as SWF or PDF and convert to SVG afterward. Not only that it’s time-consuming, it also makes you dependant on third party software.

Would be amazing to see this in a future update.

Hi, my Harmony 10.0.1 (7547) build doesn’t have the PDF as an export option.
Is there a script for this?

Yea one up this feature as well.

totally, also a EPS format would get many artists interested in using toonboom

I can’t believe vector export is not supported. SWF doesn’t really count. I mean, are you expecting me to import SWFs into Flash to crack them open? Talking about EPS and SVG export.
I did letter sized print illustration and had trouble getting even bitmap pictures out of Toon Boom at print resolution. Nothing but pictures with errors on them, data pattern overlays and such!

I have thought about this quite a bit and it does seem like a huge undertaking to have SVG support or vector export.

For example say you take a simple circle and draw it out. The you go into the pencil editor and change the thickness of that circle’s stroke to make it thick in areas and thin in other areas. Then say I fill the circle. I want to imply some shading so I use a pencil thickness of 0, or use the stroke tool to cut into that filled area and now I apply a darker color. I love using the cutter tool with the gesture to be able to quickly get sharp corners and edit shapes. But do you know the magic under the hood that allows us to do that? How easy is that to resolve for export to a vector format?

How easy is it going to be written out to a vector format that another app will be able to read? Sometimes when I use the stroke tool to carve out some areas to color for shadows or highlights you can see some points dangling here and there, the stroke line can exceed the shape of that circle. And what if you have other effects that you have added to the circle how is all of that to be handled in the export process?

In Adobe Illustrator I can use a gradient mesh to make a flower, I can use fancy textured brushes, repeated patterns, etc, but I am in the same boat when it comes to exporting it out to another program. Many of those things just aren’t going to make it out in export. Often times I have to export out to older legacy formats. I can’t just export out a character with a meticulous gradient mesh and expect it to remain a vector and be able to import it into Harmony.

I just see Toon Boom in the same conundrum that other companies find themselves in too. Yes, they use vectors but tailored in a way to make their program possible, just as Adobe does it with their software, just as Macromedia did with Freehand, just as Serif does with Affinity Designer. SVG may seem like a holy grail solution but it might not be that easy.

Hi Scungyho,

you are right, it would be illusory to think that the SVG export would work straight ahead as Harmony creates effects that just can’t be recreated equally in an 100% vector format.

This is explained in Toon Boom’s documentation about PDF export which is ( besides SWF ) the current vector export format of Harmony.

When exporting artwork in vector, keep in mind that the common interchange formats, PDF and SWF, do not support all the effects that you can do in Harmony. So when you export artwork via PDF, the recommended format, you will not be able to use effects such as Blurs, Glows, or even Cutters from Harmony and also have this transfer out to your exported format.

This is a limitation of the PDF format itself, not of Harmony. Since the PDF format’s functionalities are not controlled by Toon Boom, we cannot expand upon what this format can contain.

That’s why the document explains furthermore:

For this reason, if you want to preserve the vector artwork you may want to create a simplified version of your production character when exporting for print.

This being said, I think that most of the artists who wish the SVG export option to be implemented are aware of these constraints and that they still see a big advantage in having the possibilty to directly export to SVG files. :slight_smile:


It is super handy to have SVG export (and import!), as I can tell you from my (short) experience in OpenTOonz. I sincerely hope it will be added to TB as well at some point - rather than focusing on fluffy 3d features.

Moho 12 (anime studio 12) now supports SVG export and import!
Have you guys checked Moho 12 out? It’s an amazing update, loads of new features.
Unlike some updates one could mention cough :wink:

Yoo-hoo, Mr. 10tacle guy!

Good suggestion. Thanks for everyone’s feedback! We invite users to share how they would make use of such a feature. The more we know, the better!

Hi Genevieve,

besides the fact that the desired export format is AI, this seems to be a perfect example of how one would make use of that feature. :slight_smile:


Thanks stefman! I’ll be sure to look into it. :slight_smile:

I make games sometimes and export out to the flash platform. Flash as swf is dying out but its html5 based vector engine will live on and works with svg. However in the current form exporting out with swf breaks a ton of stuff usually (like the z-depth advanced auto patching doesn’t work).

I added SVG support to my “wishlist”, but I can add my experience here. Sometimes, I have to do exports from Harmony for other needs, like for print, by a client. As other have already mentioned, I have to export the SWF, go through Flash and solve any issues there, and then export from Flash an even more archaic format as I’m still on CS6, and FXG. Then I can import that into AI for the client.

However, if I could just export/import SVG from Harmony it would be easier. Not to mention that SWF is a dying format :slight_smile:

Hi Frank,

if AI is your target format you could expot your stuff as PDF files and then directly import them to Illustrator as discribed here.

If you need to end up with SVG files you could also use PDF files, import them to Illustrator and convert them to SVG as 10tacle explained here:

In this topic 10tacle tells that he uses a script he adapted to batch convert the PDFs to SVGs via Illustrator. But, if I understood well, in the meantime he found another method using Illustrator Actions to automate this conversion process.

So no need to use SWF files anymore ;).

Best regards,

P.S. Direct export to SVGs from Harmony would be the best solution in any case. :slight_smile:

Just bumping this feature request as it’d be so cool to have harmony play nicely with other software.
Export of SVG from harmony into moho 12 pro, would make it easier to design and build in harmony, with the option to build a rig in harmony or moho or both.
If implemented well this could be an amazing workflow.

SVG into cacANI would also be an interesting workflow that would interest many animators.

I think SVG export is an essential addition, could it be added in the next build?