Surface Pro(Or other tablet PCs) and Toonboom Harmony

Anyone have experience using Toonboom on one of these kinds of devices. I’m interested in the Surface Pro, 8 GB of RAM model
for Toonboom on the going. Wondering if there are any known hardware or software issues? Reviews?

I’ve used Harmony with my Surface Pro 3. It works fine for lighter scenes, but the screen size can feel restrictive with the interface. There are ways to get around that.

I’m currently looking at the Surface Book 2 which is the latest surface book. I’m really looking for a portable machine that I can do stuff like my rough animation and cleanup on the go. Then take the work back to my main computer and composite and render.

I can’t give a through review but a student of mine has Harmony working on a 13" Cintiq companion and it appears to work fine for him. For me the screen is too small for my “old” eyes but he does not appear to have any problem. He’s not mentioned any technical issues.

Thanks for the reply, Right now I’m looking at the Surface Book models but don’t know which one to go for.