Surface Pro 4 Pen Pressure Sensitivity Doesn't Work in Harmony

I just finished installing the Toon Boom Harmony Premium Trial on my Surface Pro 4 and was unable to get the pen pressure sensitivity to work. I’ve searched for a solution in a number of places with no luck. I’ve looked through the preferences window to see if there are any options for turning on the sensitivity but found nothing. Other programs work with the pen pressure such as Photoshop and Flash. I do recall needing to download drivers for certain programs after install in order for my pen pressure to work. Is it possible this is the case again here?

Go to Preferences->Advanced and uncheck “Use QT Wintab Tablet Support” and the pressure sensitivity should be enabled. If I remember correctly I also had to install some driver thingy on my Surface. You can start with the setting though and see if it changes anything.

I just tried and it worked. Really appreciate!

Life saver! This fix worked for me using Harmony 15 / Windows Surface Book

Thanks so much!

How do you feel the perfomance is on the surface book?

You have saved my life haha, thank you so much!!