surface pro 3 change pen buttons

I would like to turn the bottom button to hand tool rather than eraser ( I find panning around more useful) as I am trying to figure how to use it without a keyboard (would then be awesome for train) and navigation I can’t figure how to do without a keyboard.

Please help :slight_smile:

Actually, you can change that, you just need some additional software to re-map it.

Here’s what I use, it’s called Radial Menu:

It will allow you to re-map your buttons, set up a custom floating menu, and also you can call up a radial menu (hence the name) similar to you can do with a Wacom tablet. SUPER HANDY.

Fair warning though, at least in my experience, even though it says you can re-map the purple button on the end of the stylus that normally calls up OneNote, you cannot. It will always call up one note. >:( Also, the way it explains the buttons is a little silly. When they refer to the eraser button, I thought they meant the one note button, but really they mean the button that is normally defaulted to eraser. Took me a bit to sort that out!!!

Another cool thing about Radial Menu is that you can set up profiles so that your buttons and various menus are customized per application. Meaning, you can set it up so that your buttons and radial menu will do certain things in Harmony, and then a whole other set of things for, say, Photoshop.

Hope that helps. I got my SP3 specifically for digital art, so Radial Menu has been a lifesaver!

You can’t thats a forced erase button.