Surface Pro 2 and Toon Boom Animate Pro 2

I’m not getting any pen pressure from my Microsoft Surface Pro 2 when I use Toon Boom Animate Pro 2. Other software I have don’t have this problem.

I have downloaded the Wacom drives, and still no luck. Does any one have a tricks to get it to work. Is there a patch for this issue?

I restarted my tablet, opened TBAP2, and the pressure is now working!

Good to know just ordered a surface pro 2…

you may want to hold off for the surface pro 3 coming out in august. it addresses two of my biggest problems with it: the screen is “taller” and the hinge goes almost flat. however, the digitizer for the 3rd is non-wacom so that may or may not color your decision making.

that said i have a SP2 and love it. its come in clutch on more than one occasion for me. the TB products run great on them, and harmony 11 has multitouch support now which is nice.