Surface Book: gestures not working

Hi there,

Usually being a Mac user, I’ve been testing the Surface Book for a couple of days now just to see how drawing onscreen suits my workflow.
And it’s great so far and basically doing well with Toon Boom (once you disabled Wacom support).

But for any reason I’m having a very strange issue concerning touch gestures.

In the preferences, I checked “support gestures” so I can pinch to zoom and rotate.
This is absolutely flawless at first glance.

But here comes the weird thing:
this feature only works for exactly one touch input. When touching the screen for the second time it won’t do anything.
It’s like “support gestures” has been unchecked again, but it hasn’t. It’s simply not working anymore. I can still tap and draw, but not pinch to zoom, scroll or rotate by using gestures.

One thing I found out by accident:
When I open the Windows start menu and then switch back to Toon Boom, gestures will do again.
However, it lasts for only a single touch input and then the problem starts all over again.

I already deleted the Toon Boom preferences folder in ~/AppData/Roaming/ToonBoom Animation to reset all that’s under the hood, but that didn’t help.

This is by the way definitely not a hardware issue. Pen and display are doing well in Windows.

Using latest Windows and latest Harmony.

Any suggestions?

Just made a video for a better understanding:

I imported the preferences folder from Mac to Windows and now it’s working without any problems.
I can’t tell which exact file was responsible for that. Hope it stays that way!

Two years later and I have this same problem in version 16. Can anyone suggest a solution? I figured out that it’s not so much about hitting the start button but rather that any other application or the taskbar be active. From there I’m able to use gestures on Harmony. If I’m currently using Harmony in the foreground, though, gestures don’t work. It makes the gesture support option nearly useless. Help!

2nd that request. Using Harmony 16 Essentials on a Windows Tablet & also encountering exactly the same issue of touch gestures not working when Qt Wintab is unchecked. With Qt Wintab enabled touch gestures work fine, however, there is a delay with every individual ink stroke. With Qt Wintab disabled, the ink strokes are instantaneous and smooth, however, touch gestures on the screen don’t work - curiously, they do work with the trackpad! If anyone has a solution to remedy this, please let me know!

Hi david_32109

As you can see from my post, I had the same issue as you regarding touch gesture. I’ve resolved this issue on my tablet pc through a driver from Microsoft. This solution should work if you are also using a Tablet PC as opposed to a Wacom Cintiq. The link to the page containing the driver is below. I downloaded and Installed the 64-Bit version and this worked for me - perfect touch gesture and smooth pressure inking attained. Just remember to enable Qt Wintab support as this driver is a Wintab driver. Hope this sorts you out…

I am also a mac user and I also facing this weird thing.