Supported Tablets

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to put in one place a thread that we could use to keep track of all the tablets that we have tested, since we’re definitely getting a lot more people that want to use tablets!

If you’re using a computer, and want to connect an external tablet, then we have tested all the Wacom tablets, from the Bamboo, to the Intuos, and the Cintiq. There may be other brands of tablets that work (I know some clients have tested some) but we haven’t officially tested them here.

We have also started testing standalone Pro tablets. Keep in mind these general rules:

  • the tablet must have FULL Windows, NOT RT
  • it should have Intel 4000 or NVidia graphics
  • it should have a pen that it comes with (we can’t guarantee every pen will support pressure sensitivity, that’s something we need to test from one tablet to another)

Keep in mind one thing - that usually these tablets are around 10 inches, and have full HD 1920 x 1280 resolution, so the buttons on the screen may appear small! It may be difficult to use our applications without a pen (i.e. just with your finger)

Here are the tablets that we have already tested and approved for use with Storyboard Pro:

Happy storyboarding!


Please could you upgrade this thread with precise names and specs of every tablets (8go, 16go? /i5 , i7?) , and with new toonboom softs versions? the best would be to have a table for this…