Support the cause. We want a blur effect! We want a blur effect!

I also support the idea of a blur effect.

Put me down as wanting blur action too!

Yes!!! i agree with it! You can count me in with the blur effect ;DADD: The blure effect could be implemented to the “Camera properties” like a “Lens effect”. Depending where im putting the fokus point(for example somewhere on the “Top view”) and which lens width/length im using the blur effect could grows from that point. Yes… let me think here… yes it could work… by pointing out the lens position either on “Top view” or the “Side view” you could get a blur effect from the lens point and the camera position in a diameter radius (We need to think of the hills also, not just the tip of the nose) depending of the lens width and length…It “could” work just like a normal “camera lens”. Its easy to understand and us… ;)All Best!/Marq

Hi!Wanna say that i really liked this idea… and i started to be little bit afraid that this thread starting to disappear in the darkness somewhere so i took a small liberty to lightning things up… ;D Hope maybe… maybe we can get this added to the version 5.0 or 5.5? It feels like i came to this thread too late, but still i wish to give it some fire!Best/Marq

yeah of course the blur effect is wonderfull…but what i do is this:export a drawing to .pdfthen…the trick 8)open it in iluustratrator…then export as illustrator 7.0 and then!!import this in anime studio prodo can blur so much you want…export it as .swfand re-inport this in toonbom again…works wonderfullbut you need to know anime toofrank

Blur Baby Blur! Couldn’t agree more ;D

I have a notion to concur with motion blur.:)-Mark

Toon Boom Studio with a layer of gaussian blur effect, will greatly improve the ability to make smooth and expressive depth at the scene. If there peg effect could be to load the camera, the realism of the focal depth of field affecting all elements according to their position in a phased manner and in line with movements in the same virtual space, facilities expressive achieved until now only possible with postproduction software alternative. I´m voting by the inclusion of the peg gaussian blur.

I don’t think there is any chance of getting it in TB Studio. Because they want you to upgrade Digital Pro for the blur effect.

Hmm… i have being thinking about this now for a while and… Okay you are probably right, but theres a big different price on the pakage! You can more and less add one extra zero! As from my point of view theres a lot of people here on this tread incuding me, and i think that i can speak for most of us that we actually have the dying wish and the fire to have the blur effect in TBS (correct me if im wrong!D ). i know that TBS will be a stonger program if they implement it in TBS and the blur effect doesnt have to be so complex and strong as in Digital pro. It can be more simple, but still powerful enough to make the program better and more attractive.By the way… i think that if Toon Boom didnt hade the interest to upgrade it i think they would hade said something already in the beging!All best!/Marq

Count me in on this! It gets irritating to have to export individual items just to blur.