Support the cause. We want a blur effect! We want a blur effect!

We all think Toon Boom Studio is an excellent 2D animation tool. Superb in many aspects, but there’s a feature missing which has been resolved by simpler and cheaper software products a long time ago. It is an effect which artists use quite frequently and we think it would be in order for TBS to be able to accomplish given the state of the art: THE BLUR EFFECT. Indeed it is inconceivable that such a complete program doesn’t have that one yet.


1) With an x and y axis slider to control the direction and intensity of the blur.
2) The ability to apply it gradually over time. (Say, a character gets blurrier as he walks towards the camera).
3) The ability to apply it to a number of objects at a time.

There is a chance that this petition finds its way into the development lab, but we all have to support it by leaving an “I support this idea” post, so if you think this would make your TBS experience better, please don’t forget to express it in writing here.

I most definietly support this request. :)I really like the idea of #2. I had mentioned something similar to Ugo a while back that it would be nice to have feathered edges work in this way, much like a color transform effect. It would definitely be a plus to be able to alter the blur effect over time.If the blur worked like a color transform, it would allow for #3 easily just by attaching more elements to the "blur element."Anyway like I said I’m all for it.

I agree, blurring is crucial.

I think a blur effect would be a FANTASTIC addition to Toon Boom Studio!

If I had a blur effect I’d just about be the happiest person this side of the Mississippi. Just about the other side too, but Steve Jobs is always so bloody cheerful.Yay, blur effect!

I agree it would be a great feature. Please add it it.

Blurring is a needed animation tool, so count my voice for it.–Rob

Yes! Let’s have it. Please.

Sign me up for 'The Cause!!'I TO WANT AND DESPERATELY NEED… A BLUR EFFECT!Who wants to feather edges when we could blur!!! Please note comments re blur tool like colour transform effect, attached to peg etc… Thats what we need!!

Hi all - A blur effect would be great… and since we are creating a xmas shopping list, :slight_smile: other effects would be nice too … I am a photoshopper and have been spoiled with the effects there … be nice to have some of them, like a more robust distort feature (over time, would be nice), adding noise, cloud renderings, and textures … TB is a great product and even though I have experienced some issues with it, I still love using it … thanks to the TB team for all their hard work to make ours easier … Dan

yes its a good idea of adding THE BLUR EFFECT !

I aposultely agree with this post a blurr effect is very much needed. With me in the middle of my movie It would be nice to have this effect on hand instead of exporting as an image file then going into photoshop and blurring each frame. its frustratin. I SUPPORT THIS IDEA.oh yeah a burn and doge tool would also be cool

I’d love to have my eraser hold size settings, that is I’d like to be able to switch from a skinny paintbrush to a fat eraser and back without having to change brush settings.

Hi,Try keeping the focus on the single feature request. Concerning the pen and eraser size being hold this is already in the software since version 3.5. You simply need to select a new pen style for your eraser and customize it (you will see the eraser logo in the pen tab move to the style) and whenever you select the brush or the eraser the style will switch.If you have other request not related to this one please post them in different topics.Thank you,Ugo

Also if they can fix the dynamic camera, lot of time will be saved while wrestling with the pegs. As it stands, dynamic camera only does zoom in/out but not positions.

I concur! Much needed with the blur for sure.

I’m Spartacus! umm, I mean yes, a good idea. :smiley:


Yes, I absolutely agree! This is the only big thing that I would change about Toon Boom so far…with an XY slider is a brilliant notion, too! This would make for phenomenal visual power and depth.

Hi y’all,Been working on a “pulled lens effect” for quite some time now - by swapping cells from a clean to exponentially (photoshop-)blurred versions of each single element. So, count my voice for a blur effect, too. (As far as I know, there is one in Digital Pro…)Best wishes & greetings,Peter