Support for masks in swf export

Is there no support for masks in Animate, if exporting to .swf file format?

Everything is fine on the stage or when I export to .mov - but the mask isn’t working when I export to .swf!


Any Ideas?

I’m using the MAC-Version btw.

I’m using a pc, same problem here. My best solution so far is to convert the .mov to .swf with an external application. I think Animate only support Flash 6 and not the latest flash swf. Therefor does not support the mask effect. Me thinks. ???

As bluefire says, Flash has enclosed the information from public after 6, it only can be used for vector-based to export SWF in Animate and this also includes any effects. If you want to add this effects in SWF, you need to first export them in sequence of drawings and then reimport them in new project as a bitmap. Then re-export it to SWF. However, the size of the SWF now is much larger than vector-based SWF which is normal.

For more info, in Toon Boom Studio, the effects are based on vector that can be worked with SWF. In Animate (Pro), the effects are based on bitmap which results more variable effects available and thus it does not work in SWF, but it works in sequence of image or Quick Time which are bitmap-based.

To solve this issue, you may first export to .mov, and then use a software to convert mov to swf.

You may try iDealshare VideoGo to convert mov to swf or convert mp4 to swf,

You can find this app and a simple guide at

In fact, it can convert between MP4, SWF, MOV, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MKV, MPG, DV, and etc video format.

It even can convert video to audio format like convert SWF or MOV or MP4 to MP3, M4A, WAV, AIFF, AAC, WMA, etc

Hope it also helps for you.