Support for Inutos 4 touch ring

It would be awesome if the rotate view command could be controlled by the touch ring on the Inutos 4, or perhaps if there was a short cut for incremental clockwise/counterclockwise rotation, so that we can set the touch ring manually(like how the brush resize works in photoshop).

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I just got an Intuos 4 and I think this feature would increase productivity for not just myself, but anyone else using this awesome tool and program.

Is this in Animate version 1, Pro, or 2? I have Animate 1 and I don’t see the shortcut listed under ‘general’?

I plan on upgrading to version 2 or Pro eventually, so if it isn’t in the version I current a license for, no biggie.

Thanks for clarifying that!

It does work, but I was hoping for more precise rotation like how the rotate view works. I just ended up setting a express key to the rotate view function anyways!

Thanks again for the help!

You absolutely can do this - just tried it out myself on my intuos 4. First you need to go to edit > preferences . Then in the Shortcuts tab, in the general category is where you’ll find the shortcuts for Rotate View CW and Rotate View CCW. They’re not set to anything by default, but you can set them to whatever you want - I set mine to Shift 9 and Shift 0. Then open up your tablet driver and set the rotation wheel under Functions >Touch Ring tab. Select keystrokes then paste in your Toonboom shortcuts and you’re good to go.

Hope this helps!


in Animate 1 it’s under the Drawing Mode category.