Support doesn't respond

Did anyone recently contact the ToonBoom support? I already contacted in the past and usually got an automatic confirmation immediately and a helpful answer within a few days. However for my latest question I did not even get a confirmation. My TD wrote a mail weeks ago and also didn’t get any reply at all.
Did they change the system? Did they downsize their support? Is their some kind of holidays I am not aware of?

I’m wondering the same thing!
I haven’t had contact from support for the past few months now about any questions!


We are still available and we use the same system.
If you do not get a fast confirmation, something must have gone wrong with e-mail delivery.

Of course, if the content of your e-mails contains items that would trigger our spam filter, your e-mail would end up in a spam folder.

If that happens again, make sure to only have text in your e-mail body.
You could also call at 1-800-962-8666

I hope this helps.