'support daemon too old'

I have two copies of Stbd Pro, two disks , two dongles and both have worked fine until I applied SP1 to my second copy yesterday. Now I get an error saying,“support daemon too old” and the program closes onthat copy .What should I do?Thansk,Woody

Hi,Are you getting this as you open the software or as your are working? If it is as you open it may be the dongle drivers that would need to be updated. Try downloading the following and see if you get better results:For Mac:ftp://ftp.aladdin.com/pub/hasp/hl/mac/HDD_Installer_MacOSX.dmgFor PC:ftp://ftp.aladdin.com/pub/hasp/srm/Runtime_(Drivers)/HASP_SRM_Runtime_setup.zipRegards,Ugo