suggestions to reduce file size

Hi all

I’m newbie, been using tbs4 for about 6months. Everything is going smoothly apart from when i export.

With quicktime mov the file is huge and with a swf its a bit jerky. so my question to you guys is: Is there a list of things i should do to reduce the file size of exported files?

I know about reusing elements in the movie and using vectors as opposed to rasterised images. Do imported pfd files from illustrator increase the size or do these act as vectors?

Got anymore to add to the list?


Any ideas anyone?

Is this a common thing no one knows the answer to?

I am wondering if you are using any compression when outputting to MOV?
It may get a response from more knowledgeable users out there.

Thank you so much for responding patmals! I was starting to feel lonely!

I’ve set the compression to “animation” setting and medium quality. I couldn’t find any information relating to the different compression types so I stuck with default.

Do you have a similar prob with huge files? I would like to put it on a website but the stuttering makes it look terrible.

Any suggestions?

Please have a look here: