Suggestions about futures features


I have a request of features by seeing some features of Celaction2D.

1) Why not a feature to use the same animation on various characters with bones technique ? Or with the deformation tool of Toon boom harmony thanks to a skeleton?

2) Increase the integration between vector and bitmap. So to allow the use drawing tools directly on bitmap without to convert it to a vector image.

3) Export like psd with multiple layers. And improve the importation PSD files in harmony.

4) To allow the blocking of artuculations as with the Ik tool with deformation tool.

Thanks for these comments of exceptional interest.

For 1) It’s already possible to create a default template that you can reuse for character rigging. However, usually each character is different. A different size, shape, and also, you’ll want to break different pieces down for animation depending on the clothes of the character and so on. Since the rigs depend on the size of elements, in order to position pivot points and so on, most of the time people don’t tend to reuse. But you do have the ability to do this if you want to.

2) This is something we are currently investigating. Bitmap tools and vector tools behave very differently, since bitmaps are based on pixels, and vectors are based on curves. But we’ll see what we can do!

3) Noted.

4) Did you check out the Tip of the Week that I did on swapping out deform rigs? This one might help you: