[suggestion] Make something equivalent to Keyframe Caddy extension from Flash (drawing substitutions)


I tried Toon Boom Harmony 12 and I was amazed, that there is nothing equivalent to Keyframe Caddy extension from Adobe Flash, where you see a gallery of all of your drawings, so that you can pick one of them right away instead of keep shuffling back and forth between them. If you have 20 different arms or mouth drawings, this can become a drag. But if you make some sort of “gallery view” of all the available drawing substitutions of a particular drawing, you could make it so that you can click on a desired arm or mouth drawing instead of pressing “next” 18 times to find the right one.

This gallery should be zoomable / resizable so that you could zoom in to see drawings in more detail or zoom out to get a better overview of many drawings.

Also, please make it possible to adjust the background color of drawing-substitution drawings. Alternatively make it grey or something. Plain white is way too bright for the eyes. (The same with Brush/Pencil Tool Properties (where you pick brushes) and the easing window). Otherwise, it makes no sense of having a dark interface (which is very pleasing for the eyes) but with certain elements that have plain white colors :slight_smile:

I am experienced Flash user and if you implement these suggestions, you will certainly be one step closer to kicking Adobe’s butt within the animation industry.

Thanks for reading.

This is one of the things I like about the level concept in OpenTOonz: the level strip displays all drawings of a mouth (for example), and alt-dragging it into a frame places it. With a bone-driven puppet it becomes easy to switch elements, and rotate and move them for animation. Super easy!

I used keyframe caddy years and years ago in Flash, and it was sort-of essential to have for this type of cut-out animation.