suggestion for licence return

A lot of people don’t like the licence return and the issue of having to always remember to return it.

I have thought of 2 solutions to this

Solution a)

Make it you able to return it via the web if you register the MAC address of your device (which is unique), only to machines with a registered MAC address.

Solution b)

Allowed a forced return of licence by computers which have a registered MAC address with toonboom. So if you forget to return you can just put it onto the new computer and the licence will automatically be returned off the other computer upon trying to open animate.

These would allow the high level of security and make it far more user friendly.

Actually, tying a license to a MAC address is unreliable, as MAC addresses can be spoofed (especially if you are running in a virtual environment like VMWare or VirtualBox). A more reliable method is to generate a unique signature from some other unique ID on the machine (uuid from CPU or similar) and create a license key using openssl or some other encryption method.

Thats sound fine too, I(and I think people generally) want a way to switch licences without always having to return.

As much as everyone hates them, this is one benefit of the dongle-based licensing, you can install on multiple machines and just move the dongle to the machine you want to use without finagling with the license manager.

you can get a dongle???

Not for Toon Boom, I am referring to other software I use that has a dongle… they can be a pain in the butt, too, of course, especially if you lose it!

oh okay :slight_smile:

I was going to say where do I sign up. I have that for my music software and works well.

Yep, same here… TVPaint also uses dongle licensing