suggestion: being able to purchase features and effects from advanced versions of Harmony

Hello everyone,

with the new forum layout, i couldn’t find a feature request section so i am gonna post this on here.

i have recently upgraded to Harmony advanced from Animate 3. and previously from Animate. with every upgrade i made i was hoping ToonBoom would add more effects to the list but that never happened. I understand why profit/brand wise you would want to have more effects and features exclusive to the higher versions like Harmony Premium and Previously Animate Pro. but i think if you make it possible to purchase some features and effects separately, i think you will find a lot of us who are willing to pay extra for them, including me.

just a thought

In music software IK Multimedia’s Guitar Rig has a system whereby you purchase additional gear and receive a key to unlock each component if you wish. People initially invest in the basic rig and inevitably want to expand. In this case it would be enticing to gain advanced features and effects after the initial investment in the basic system without facing a huge expense and learning curve.

Investing in any of the Harmony levels is a considerable expense. Many users will never move up if they can even stay up to date with their current level as time goes on. Small increments are more manageable and more bait than Toon Boom has to have realized. The huge leap between levels is a sheer wall while small steps would be financially and psychologically less of an obstacle. Granted, support for OpenFX fits in with this scenario to a point.

The perpetual license could be set up like the IKM Guitar Rig model. The subscription system could be rearranged so the monthly/annual fee would cover the level while each add-on would be a prorated…perhaps packages of related features to avoid a complicated pricing dilemma for a variety of separate pieces. In this way people would be able to target the animation style they want to work in and not have to invest in things they will not use. (i.e. cut-out, frame-by-frame, specific effects, gaming, etc.).