Successful Activation but application is not on hard drive

I have TB Studio 5. I just followed instructions for installing TBS 5 and successfully activated the app (according to the screen dialog). However the app does not load up when I hit the TBS start up icon.

This app was installed on a former computer which died and which I cannot open. I think I need a human being to figure this out.

I am running a macbook intel core duo with a 10.5.8 operation system. It’s older but it’s the same operating system I was running I believe.

Can anyone help?

Can you describe what happens when you attempt to launch the software?Is TBS installed in the “Applications” folder? Can you launch it from there instead of using the shortcut icon?

If you get no results try uninstalling/re-installing by dragging the app’s folder from the Applications directory into the trash, empty the trash and shut-down the system (not just a reboot which is different on Macs).If re-installing doesn’t solve it, email to set up a remote connection to your system for diagnosing and repairing this issue.

I re-installed the TBS 5, following the TBS instructions that I found online: Toon Boom installation and and getting started guide.I received this message: The alias “Toon Boom Studio 5.0” cannot be copied to the destination, perhaps because the destination does not support this type of alias.

It looks to me that the only real change from my former set up is that I am now running a Mac Book instead of a MacBook Pro. I believe I have the same operating system as before: OS 10.5.8. I’m not sure what the architecture is exactly that the TBS install message is indicating.

Did you first uninstall the software by dragging it’s folder to the trash, emptying the trash and shutting-down/re-starting the computer? Note that you also need to delete the links to the software in the dock and/or desktop before you re-install the program.Are you able to launch the program by going into /Applications/Toon Boom Studio 5.0/ and clicking the Toon Boom Studio