Subtract (deselect) with Lasso tool

Please add a subtract (deselect) option to Lasso tool!
Currently I can only add to the selection by holding SHIFT, but no way to subtract from the selection. This is a super basic feature for hand drawn animation - too often I select unwanted strokes, and no way to deselect them except redrawing the whole lasso selection all over again.

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I concur, subtracting a group of drawings should be as simple as holding the alt key and drawing the lasso, this is basic knowledge, or are they expecting us to shif+click every single we want to subtract?

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Yes please! This would be great!

OMG yes!

I found - and still find - this to be one of the most annoying things in Harmony. Pencil lines need to be thick or you have to be zoomed in to shift-click to deselect. It’s very easy to miss the line and accidentally take your finger of shift and drop the selection all together - WHICH IS NOT UNDO-ABLE