I’d like to create an animatic with Storyboard Pro 2 where I have my panel matching dialogue as subtitles on the lower screen.Is there any possibility to achieve this?

Currently there is no subtitle tool so you would need to apply the dialogue to the image using copy/paste of the dialogue annotation with the text tool.

I second that suggestion. Would be a nice additional feature.

Me too!

Great suggestion. If it’s implemented by rendering a caption box’s contents as a window burn, that would allow other possible uses too with custom captions.

I’m evaluating Storyboard Pro 4 right now, and this feature would be greatly appreciated. I.e. Burn the Dialogue into the video as a caption.

But along with this there should be the option to control where on the screen things appear in the video. The current time-code burn-in feature, for example, is really badly placed as it covers an important part of the screen. Time code is typically part of a HUD, which might be small and at the very top or bottom of the screen. While subtitles and captions would want to go center, lower thirds.