substitution window

I recently came across a great video of an independent program feature for flash. It allowed the animator to bring up a separate window with small thumbnails of all of the drawing substitutions for the specific element.

For example, the mouth shapes would all be nicely displayed in one window (like a library), and the animator would go to the specific frame to change the mouth, and just click on the desired thumbnail to change the mouth. This seemed so much more user friendly then using the [ and ] to scrub through or dragging the small arrow in the library thumbnail generator and seeing only one mouth shape.

Perhaps TB could integrate this kind of user friendly application somehow?


Are you referring to that extension called Keyframecaddy by cloudkid? or one that I think trickorscript makes that is very similar.

I do like the way you see all the thumbs and just select the one you want, and to tell you the truth that would be kind of cool to have in Animate.

The one advantage that Animate does have though, is that you dont have to worry that you are selecting a graphic symbol which I think is an absolute rule for these plugins to work in flash.

I agree this could be kind of cool as well. Especially when working a lot on a single character that has tons of subs.

I think it was that Keyframecaddy. How cool!

Yeah it is a great feature. I have also found that working in the art and layout department, I was rigging characters with some really cool features that the animators were unaware of. I ended up having to take .jpg images to show the animators all the features.