Submit your cartoons

I think TBS should start an area where users can post their animations. I’d really like to see what other users can do, and share ideas and suggestions. It would be better than the TB Showcase, which only has a few selections, and is not very interactive regarding discussing about them with others, etc.

What does everyone think?

Excellent idea!

i like this idea, too.
has a nice gallery for the uploaded ready works and unfinished sketches, either animations or pictures.
such a gallery for the forum users would be nice here, but i presume the toonboom site showcase was supposed to act for it.

Hi guys,

Great idea !

We are planning such a possibility in our next website structure.
It could be part of the forum when we would have a gallery.

Lots of activities for the website in 2006.

Patience, you will see !!!


I would love this too since I’m always hunting on Youtube and Aniboom for anything made with TBS.
Also, would it be possible to have some submissions to this new area be the actual TBS files? I’m very new to the software and animating and it would be a tremendous help to go into someones file and see how they set up their timeline, exposure sheet etc. Having premade examples that I could tweek would be a great way to learn.
Would it be possible to have a place where people could swap templates?