Sub-layers/Advanced Art Mode...where is it?

I’m learning Harmony Advanced (version 14) and I cannot find the sub-layer buttons (O for Overlay, L for Line, etc.) I’m looking through Adam Phillips’ book “Animate to Harmony”, and it lists these icons and says they’re supposed to be at the bottom left of the Camera and Drawing views, but all I see are some different icons (a light bulb, a lock, something that looks like a blue flower, etc.).

Anyone know where I can find these sub-layer buttons?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks! I should have known it would be very obvious!

Adam Philips’ book was written when Harmony 10 was the current version of the software, with 11 coming out a little before the book’s publishing date. The overlay and underlay were visible by default on version 10, but were later considered “advanced” features.

Luis Canau