Stylus shortcut issue

I map my second Wacom stylus button to the keystroke “Ctrl+Z” for undo.
In Harmony, when I press that button, the undo will happen but will also turn on the Zoom tool and zoom in 1000%

You can imagine my frustration.

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Tested it out, and reproduced.
Setting button>>Keyboard>Keystroke> to ctrl+z, does undo and zooms in. Also if you continue to hold the button it turns to the zoom tool.
But if I set button>>Keyboard>Undo, it works without issue.

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That’s great!

One other thing, I set it to the keyboard stroke “ctrl+z” because it wasn’t undoing more than once. I’m still having that issue. : \

I tested it in Photoshop and I can use that button to undo as many times as I’d like. I know it’s a Harmony issue, of course.

Thanks for the reply.

No problem @PMurphy

For a test I decided to uninstall the Wacom Driver/Software and install a older release. I now have no issues with setting up ctrl-z on the pen button, it works as it should.

So check your Wacom Driver, you can try updating it, reinstalling it, or try a older release.

thanks, I appreciate the replies. I will give that a try.

The older driver worked! Thank you so much!!!