Stuttering after editing the video

Animating is only my self learned hobby, so my question probably will look silly for professionals. I have created some animations in Toon Boom Studio 5. I animated at 12 FPS. The video exported from TB studio is smooth and everything looks great ( i exported as Quick Time file), but every time when I edit it with a video editing software and save the movie to my computer, you can clearly see micro stuttering every half a second or so. (you can see it in this video: ). I tried to edit with Pinnacle Studio 16 and CyberLink Power Director11, but the end result is the same. I imagine the problem is the different FPS in videos, since the video exported from ToonBoom is in 12FPS, and editing programs save the movie in 25 FPS. I tried several options in editing programs (saved the movie in 24, 25, 60 FPS), but the stutter is still there. I read a lot of stuff searching for an answer to this, and i found out, that choosing 60 FPS should prevent the problem, but it does not. The stutter looks the same every time, doesn’t matter what options I chose. So, is there any way to make an animation at 12FPS with ToonBoom studio, and get the smooth looking movie after editing it? Because non of the editing software that I own have the option to export video at 12 FPS. What options should I choose in TBStudio, or in editing software while exporting the video, to prevent this stuttering? Or maybe the problem is not because of different FPS?

Thank you

I’m not sure what you mean, the video looks fine to me. Maybe your internet connection is slow or perhaps your graphic card doesn’t have enough memory.