Stupid question

I’m so sorry to bother you with this, but I really want to know exactly how dumb I am. I just got my toon boom and I can’t understand how to find the window in which you paint or animate or whatever you call it. It just not there! Not when I click “new” or anything! I’d be really happy if someone would like to help me through this mess… hehe, and if not I kinda understand it.


What version of Toon Boom do you have and what do you see on your monitor immediately after launching the program? If you have version 3.5 you should get a window asking you if you’d like to open an existing project or begin a new one. Just click “create” and your default panels will open up. The largest window, on the top left, should be toggled to Drawing View and ready for you to begin drawing in. Earlier versions of TBS open directly to a new project.


There are no “stupid” questions. Any time a user, new or advanced, has a question or has a need for help, they are encouraged to ask their question or relate their issue in these forums. So keep asking and you will get plenty of friendly help here, often in more than one language too.-JK

When I try to run the free tutorials from the Toon Boom site, I get this message: “Quick Time is missing software required to perform this operation. Unfortunately, it is not available on the Quick Time server.” As a result, the tutorials are inoperable.

Has anyone else encountered this? I’m running Windows XP. Thanks.


You will need to download Quicktime to make the software work properly. You can get the latest version from apple’s website:

Make sure to change some of the default settings in your Quicktime setup for you might have difficulties to playback if you don’t:

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Hi, Ugo. I thought that might be it, downloaded the latest version, it worked, and so I came back here to post a “PLEASE DISREGARD” message. But thanks… you were right on the money.

As for your name, was it originally Hugo, but you dropped the initial letter to keep Americans from pronouncing the silent H? Or maybe not…

Thanks again.


My name is Ugo without an H thats all… not really a choice but rather what I was named.

Have to blame my parent for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway take care and feel free to ask if you have any further questions.

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Here’s another one. I cannot seem to find the quick start tutorials. They are not under “help”. I am using Toon Boom Express.

No question is stupid. And your answer has been posted in the other thread you posted. -JK