studio5 vs animate

Hello everyone, 1st post, just wondering if it is worth spending the extra on animate rather than studio 5, I am a student and wanting to do simple animations but with the option of getting more complicated if i want to. What are the main differences in lay mans terms?

Thoughts please

Also does anyone know how much both products are for students in the uk? Can’t seem to get any prices from toon boom.

thank you

Follow the steps on than you’ll get the information about academic prices.

To answer your first question: I own both, TBS 5 and Animate 2 and I think the handling in Animate 2 is much better even for beginners but that’s my personal opinion.


my thought is download PLE to play with and watch the kickstart videos. That will give you an idea of what it can do and give you a feel for the software.

TBS5 is pretty good software. I only did the upgrade to Animate because I liked the interface better. Specifically, the handling of cutouts.