studio vs. express

My young teenage son loves animation. He was recently at a museum that promoted Toonboom studio. We thought we might give it to him for Christmas so we downloaded the trial version. We couldn’t download express so we downloaded studo. since he is just new to this we thought we would purchase express then if he really runs with it we could go to studio. He liked the instant animation of the cut out characters… Are the cutout characters available in express?

Hi Joseph,

As far as I know Express has only 2 Pegs available and therefore is fairly unsuitable
to do proper “Cut Out Style Animation”.

Nonetheless I personally think it’s a great animation tool for kids, beginners,
hobbyist and professionals a like.

You might like to download the 30 day trial of Express or Studio and see for yourself.

If you start with Express you can always upgrade to Studio later.


If you like here is a little animation I did with Express about a year ago:

and another one I just completed recently with Studio in “Cut-Out-Style”: