Studio vs Animate pro and HARMONY

Do you know what’s the difference between Toon Boom Studio and Toon Boom Animate Pro and HARMONY by the features?

If you are starting, just get Studio. The feature set increases dramatically as you go from Studio to Animate Pro and then to Harmony, but so does the learning curve. Toon Boom is so good with pricing upgrades, you will suffer no penalty when you decide to move up to the next level. The interface between programs is similar enough, so you do not lose any learning time.

Steven Mussey


Can i make some kind of animations on Toon Boom Studio similar to this one

and Can I make animations similar to “Zig and Sharko”, “A kind of magic” and more (i don’t want to take characters from the series, i need only information about what kind of animations like “Zig and Sharko”, “A kind of magic” are they)?

I looked at the demo animation and Studio should allow you to do this. Studio has an excellent system for creating multiple planes of animated drawings and allowing camera movement.

The advantage you get in Animate Pro and above is the ability to pivot the camera and scenes in a 3D rotational space. The particular scene you listed does not require this feature, though.

Studio is the best place to start. Get to know it well.

Steven Mussey

The pricing of upgrades is well balanced, but I found there’s a reason NOT to get to know Studio too well: files created in Studio cannot be opened in Animate, and, when you “crossgrade”, your licence for Studio disappears. So if you had any work in Studio you want to open or use after you’ve moved up to Animate or Animate Pro, you have a problem.