Studio v 3.0 and Vista

I had gotten an academic rate and bought Toon Boom Studio v 3.0 a while back, two years I think. Maybe three… I got it in person from the Toon Boon office in montreal. I only JSUT went to check out the site since I finally got my own computer, and ran into the problem of trying install it on Windows Vista. Now everybody seems to have version 3.5, and there’s no mention of any patch or downloads or anything to fix the problem with v 3.0. Anybody have any solutions? And if there/s no way around getting v 3.5, is there an upgrade deal, or am I just screwed?

Hi Kwo,

There should be upgrade possibilities from version 3.0 and I strongly encourage you to get in contact with our sales department concerning this.

Nevertheless, you might want to try and run the application in compatibility mode (right click on the exe of Toon Boom Studio>Compatibility>select XP). I cannot guarantee everything will be working but I guess it is worth the try.

Best regards,