Studio to Animate

I’m doing “simple” tradigital animation (cardiac diagrams illustrating normal and abnormal structure and function). I have a number of early basic “scenes” done in Studio 6, which I planned to modify to create a variety of final polished “scenes.” So I now want to do this in Animate, as tools much better. Basically I need to move a series of single layer pencil line drawings from Studio to Animate. Exporting .swf works, but leaves me in Animate with drawings in which I cannot select individual segments (to change pencil line width, etc). So I am trying idea to export multiple PDF images. One image is easy to do, and can edit better than the .swf images (except contour editing more crash prone…? Lion). But so far can’t find how to do multiple images into a single layer. Any suggestions?

As far as I know there’s no way to do this. The swf conversion is what we usually recommend. You can double-check on the Studio forums to see if they have any other suggestions there too.