Studio/Animate differences (re: Quick Start material)

I was trying to use the Quick Start guide to, well, get started. I could not seem to open files. Then I saw the material is written and prepared for Studio, and I have Animate.

Are the files not compatible? That is, can I not open files made from/for Studio in Animate? Perhaps I am doing something wrong. The Quick Start tutorials are just what I’m looking for.

example: Page 4 of the Toon Boom Studio Quick Start tutorial says to ‘…open the file Drawing_Rough.tbp.’ But when I try to import it, it is not even visible as a choice in the import window (even though it is indeed there). What does the .tbp extension mean?

I am moving on to other training material for now. Thanks in advance - Mike

Studio and Animate aren’t compatible.

You can’t open studio files in Animate.

Animate have their own kickstart tutorials in the elearning section for animate.